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Our Services

Our Services


Residential and commercial property Inspections

With over 15 years of experience across northeastern Ontario as a Registered Home Inspector, Sudbury Home Inspections assess all items from site drainage to structure to interior finishes. We answer any question the Client has to offer!


Camera Plumbing inspections

With our very own snake camera, Sudbury Home Inspections as the ability to review your sanitation plumbing to the municipal connection at the street. This can even be done at your inspection appointment!


Thermal imaging

Using our thermographic camera, Sudbury Home Inspections is able to render infrared radiation as visible light to determine any heat permeability within your building envelope.


Third PArty Review

Due to our experience and base of knowledge, we can perform comprehensive review of previous reports and assessment methodologies. Examples are legal review, or review of the seller inspection report.


Construction Consulting

Replacing your shingles, or any other renovations in or outside of your house? Let Sudbury Home Inspections guide and help you to make sure the Contractor does the job right with the right products.

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