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Pre-Purchase Inspections

We provide home and property inspections, for either a buyer  throughout the North. We provide a customizable complete report that not only provide deficiencies but resolution to issues as well.

Condo and Townhouse Inspections

Units and buildings typically have a contract with the Homeowner that differs from a regular single-family dwelling. The scope of work lessens, as does the price for Sudbury Home Inspections, but the quality of work doesn't.

Infrared Thermographic Scan

In addition to our Residential Inspections we can perform, for an additional cost, Infrared Thermographic Scan, which allows us to see any exceptional heat loss and potential water leaks in the home. This can include Site Drainage water infiltration or plumbing leaks.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Want to ensure when you put your home up for sale, all the power is in your hands and all items are disclosed. Get a pre-listing inspection complete and you can verify any items on the inspection report is complete by disclosing all that information to the potential buyers!

Mould Investigations
and Testing

Complete with a Letter of Report, we can provide air sampling for specific interior growth mould, as well as perform, bulk sampling, tape lifts or any other means to ensure we identify mould growth and to identify the cause, as well as quantify the building materials affected. All samples are sent to an independent and accredited laboratory.

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